Hi, I'm Katie!

I'm a born and raised Mainer to the ever-changing New England weather. I'm a photographer, video creator, recipe developer, potter, cheeseboard enthusiast, wife and mom to five.

I ventured into food photography after serving in the United States Coast Guard, and coming home to mother my children. From there, my passion for photography grew through portraiture, weddings, events, and even newborns. However, adding more newborns of my own quickly had me navigating down a path of self-expression from my kitchen table. The weddings quickly faded, but the cake remained.

I have a podcast called, The Foodie Movement, where I share tips and tricks to food bloggers and photographers. I also host interviews with other experts to spread the encouragement and knowledge required to make it in this wonderful online space as a foodie.

I shoot with both natural and artificial lighting to make the most of the time I have. Which is something I encourage in my course Profitable Productivity for Food Bloggers.

With a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, I enjoy bringing my love for raw, rustic, bright, and vibrant colors and textures to both my photography and pottery. Knowing what plate or bowl to create for a photoshoot is just as important as what goes on it.

I coach foodie entrepreneurs who are looking to express themselves through their brand beautifully and authentically, by means of education and encouragement.

Use the parts of you that already exist to build the parts of you yet to be created.

Being in the military is very similar to starting a business. My years in both started out doing grunt work – all the work, while building a name for myself and deciding on a niche.

Through processes, successes, failures, and relationships with peers and mentors, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. From there, the big question was how to adapt those for the greater good.

Becoming an entrepreneur, I quickly realized I had entered a different kind of war zone – one where I would need to fight harder than ever before to see my dreams fulfilled.

I give foodies the tools they need to stay rooted and balanced in the pursuit of this entrepreneurial life.

I totally believe that there is no such thing as “work-life.”

Whoever coined that phrase obviously wasn’t working for themselves. As food bloggers, photographers, entrepreneurs, moms, dads, wives, husbands, pet owners… if you have a business from home – it’s just life.

As a mom of 4 kids under 6 myself, I understand and relish in balance, workflows, systems, quiet moments – and a lot of coffee.

Working with other food bloggers brings me great joy. I love seeing their brands grow without the overwhelming hustle that is carried around like a badge of honor – as if that’s something to be proud of.

No one wants to live in the hustle – constantly depleted, overwhelmed, and chasing a dream meant to give you more time but is instead running the clock out.


Not here.

Not ever.

So I work with foodies to fix that. We tackle mindset, knowledge, workflows, and technique. Together we tackle the needs of the business coupled with the desire of their mission, to bring a harmonious balance to their “work-life”. 😉


  • Serving up delicious eats on my own blog at Cast Iron Recipes
  • Chasing around sticky fingered rugrats and cleaning my kitchen for the 10th time that day.
  • And binge watching The Office or Parks and Rec on Netflix with my hubby, a cup of coffee, and likely some cheesecake.

    Gots-ta know more about me?… or looking to kill some time while your coffee heats up for the 3rd time this morning? Here are 10 fun facts about me!
    • I met my husband, Travis, in the military while we were both active duty. We met in June, started dating in July, engaged in August, both got deployed and married that February. Nine months later we had our first baby boy.
    • In the military, I handled mucho-bucko (lots of money) and purchased assets for my unit – which you would assume to be every woman’s dream. In handling that money and the products needed to serve our unit, I created and implemented the systems and workflows for accountability and profit that run to this day.
    • I have seen The Office from start to finish no less than six times, and that’s being humble.
    • I am a self-taught photographer through the way of YouTube videos and mentors.
    • My working degrees are in Marine Biology and Ceramics.
    • I have three boys and a daughter, of whom I plan to re-enact every scene of Gilmore Girls with when she comes of age.
    • My signature system, The Foodie Movement Workflow, incorporates the use of Trello. I hated Trello for the longest time and now I use it for everything!
    • I am pretty sure I drink my weight in coffee every day.
    • We have plans of my husband quitting his job and becoming those crazy semi-homesteaders you see on Netflix.
    • I have taken no less than 4 SEO courses.


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