Hi, I'm Katie!

I'm a born and raised Mainer to the ever-changing New England weather. I'm a photographer, video creator, recipe developer, potter, cheeseboard enthusiast, wife and mom to five.

I ventured into food photography after serving in the United States Coast Guard, and coming home to mother my children. From there, my passion for photography grew through portraiture, weddings, events, and even newborns. However, adding more newborns of my own quickly had me navigating down a path of self-expression from my kitchen table. The weddings quickly faded, but the cake remained.

I have a podcast called, The Foodie Movement, where I share tips and tricks to food bloggers and photographers. I also host interviews with other experts to spread the encouragement and knowledge required to make it in this wonderful online space as a foodie.

I shoot with both natural and artificial lighting to make the most of the time I have. Which is something I encourage in my course Profitable Productivity for Food Bloggers.

With a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, I enjoy bringing my love for raw, rustic, bright, and vibrant colors and textures to both my photography and pottery. Knowing what plate or bowl to create for a photoshoot is just as important as what goes on it.

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